• Very impressive compact professional speakers, able to deliver rich low end. Surprising dynamic range, very accurate & reliable. Also quite powerful. These speakers are easy to work with, especially for long hours!


  • At last! Monitors my ears can trust. These speakers are absolutely precise. The depth is impressive and the bottom end is simply amazing. (Half my clients think there's a sub hidden somewhere!) Daniel Audio Labs NF12 are a must have!

    Sam Girardin / Studio Point d'Orgue

  • I’m biased when I say that these are simply the best monitors I’ve ever heard! But they are!

    Davy Gallant / Dogger Pond Music Inc.

  • NF12 monitors are Fabulous! Trying them is adopting them... Precision, definition & clarity throughout the whole sound spectrum. Clarity that doesn't get aggressive after long listening hours. These monitors make my work easier & improve the quality of my projects. I also appreciate the fact that they're already burned in and equipped with a auto-reset fuse for the tweeters. Their compact format is also quite practical.

    Louis Morneau / L'ouïe productions

  • I’ve tried all the big guns where nearfield monitors are concerned. I stopped looking when I heard Daniel Audio Labs NF12s. To my ears, these monitors are the most honest I’ve heard. They sound natural, with slightly textured mids and clear high end. Never aggressive. They also have vigorous lows which are clear and precise.

    Samuel Laflamme

  • I love these monitors. They let me know when something's not working, especially in the mids.

    Réjean Bouchard / Producer

  • Everything sounds true... that's the best thing about them. It's like having the singer or instrument sitting right next to me

    Paul Campagne / Studio King

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