Created in 2004, Daniel Audio Labs came about when producer/engineer Davy Gallant felt the need for studio monitors that would translate his mixes better on different systems. Nothing available on the market met his requirements. He mentioned this to longtime friend & associate Daniel Caron.

Over the years, Daniel had developed over 20 types of loudspeakers out of passion and the desire to innovate and improve existing designs. The pair decided to try and create the ultimate nearfield studio monitors. They spent countless hours experimenting with different tweeters, woofers & variable cross-over settings. In fact, Daniel made a flexible crossover which allowed Davy to change practically any setting he could think of.

After several months, much deliberation, multiple “listening evenings” and many collaborations (Including SNB mastering in Montreal & Casavant Frères organ builders in St-Hyacinthe), the pair put the finishing touches on the NF12 nearfield monitors. The result is an outstanding listening experience; mixes that translate well in any system. More LF than you could imagine possible out of such a small speaker. They were so impressed by the results, the pair founded Daniel Audio Labs…

Now everyone can hear the truth!