"At last! Monitors my ears can trust. "
Sam Girardin

"Surprising dynamic range, very accurate & reliable. "

"NF12 monitors are absolutely fabulous "
Louis Morneau

"To my ears, these monitors are the most honest I’ve heard."
Samuel Laflamme


  • Made in Québec, Canada
  • Only the best audio components are used to ensure a top quality listening experience
  • Ease of use, low listening fatigue & constant frequency response at any level make these monitors fantastic to work with
  • No sub is necessary in the right environment
  • Our woofers are broken in for 120 hours to ensure optimal performance straight out-of-the-box
  • By-amp and by-wiring ready
  • Tweeter level for precise HF tuning, designed to prevent cut-off frequency drifting
  • Low flutter noise bass port
  • Tweeter protection (with auto-reset) in case of computer crashes or other unexpected high level noise

Recommended amplifier

  • High quality power amp capable of delivering 100 W with a 4 Ω load
  • High damping factor of more than 200 is recommended

Recommended cable

  • For optimal performance, use our bi-wired DAL16 cables. (Monster cable up to 15 feet.)
  • For longer cables, we recommend our bi-wired DAL14S cables. (QED British-made silver-plated wire)


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